True Confessions
2002-04-24 18:14:10 (UTC)

No Chance of being together

Well it has been awhile since I have written and nothing
has happened between HIM and I. I want so much to be with
HIM but I am sure it will never happen there are so many
reason's why.
1) I can not afford to leave my husband
2) I would have no where to go if I did
3) I would have no car since it is in his name and he has
already told me if I leave it stays.
4) I don't want to lose my children
So I guess I am in a no win situation.
HE told me that HE wants to be with me but is restraining
HIMSELF because I am married. well I guess I should be
greatful for that. That at least save me from having to lie
to my husband about not cheating on him.But things like
that just make me want HIM more.
One of my friends told me it was a challange to me to see
how far I can go without getting caught. Maybe they are
right. It is a challange I plan to overcome!
One way or another something is going to go my way and
eventuallu I will get what I want!