lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-04-24 18:09:08 (UTC)

you, too, may be possessed

hahaha ok so you have to laugh at people like this...and
then you kinda twitch and realize that most people only
meet christians who believe these crackpot theories but
whatever. here are some quotes from the minister who
thinks satan lurks within our entertainment equipment:

"While the Computer Age has ushered in many advances, it
has also opened yet another door through which Lucifer and
his minions can enter and corrupt men's souls."

(ok that's true...but if you don't learn it here, you'll
learn it on the streets!!)

"Any PC built after 1985 has the storage capacity to house
an evil spirit."

(i was built after 1985. am I housing an evil spirit?)

"The program began talking directly to me, openly mocked
me," he recalls. "It typed out, 'Preacher, you are a
weakling and your God is a damn liar.'"

Then the device went haywire and started printing out what
looked like gobbledygook.

"I later had an expert in dead languages examine the text,"
the minister said. "It turned out to be a stream of
obscenities written in a 2,800-year-old Mesopotamian

(now he's just smoking crack. whatevehhhh)