Jordan West

Nocturnal Etheria
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2001-05-30 07:57:21 (UTC)

"i am not a pretty girl" -- ani difranco

i am not an angry girl
but i guess
i've got everyone fooled
everytime i say something
they find hard to hear
they chalk it up to my anger
and never to their own fear

ok so i have a bone to pick with.........well whoever
decides to read this. while i was canvassing today to solve
california's energy crisis using clean and renewable
sources of power, i got one frequent response that
irritated me beyond compare.

the begining of my rap is "hi my name is natalie and i'm
with calpirg, california's largest public interest group.
we're working to solve the energy crisis here in
california." and the first response people often give
is "i'm not interested."

???!!! how can you not be interested in solving the
crisis?? i can understand not agreeing with the way i want
to go about solving it. i can even understand wanting to
put up 20000 timese the amount of power plants tht are
already up and making it so children are only allowed to
spend 15 minutes outside a day before their lungs are
tainted. but how can u not want to solve the crisis?? i
can't imagine anyone honestly telling me that they like
paying up the ass for energy and having rolling blackouts.
but thats just me...maybe some peole get a rush out of
it ...i dunno.

thats it for me for today. peace