my so called life
2002-04-24 17:42:30 (UTC)

What a beautiful state I'm in

I used to dream all the time that I got together with the
object of my affection. I'm sure you know the feeling,
you're in the middle of a great kiss and then you wake up
and realise that it was only a dream and you're still
lonely and pathetic. It's the worst feeling. When I got
home from school today, I was exhausted (finals). I fell
asleep on my bed and dreamed that I was on a date with my
labpartner (I've written about him, I think he's kind of
cool). I think it went pretty well, but I wasn't enjoying
myself too much.. Then I woke up and realised that it was
just a dream and that I'm with Ben. Oh my god, it was the
best feeling!!! :)
I've been thinking about him all the time for a year. It
hasn't been like terrible, but it has been kind of
lonesome. Whenever I think of him now, I know that he's
probably thinking of me as well. It's so amazing. He's
like.. MINE. Not that I'm possessive or anything. But it's
so wonderful that I've got him. He holds me close and says
all these sweet things. Yesterday we lay on my couch for
four and a half hours and watched telly. He held me so
close all the time. It was perfect. There was this
commercial with lots of snow in it. As you might know, he's
really into downhill skiing. I was like ew, snow. It's cold
and terrible. 'No, snow is the best thing in the world
after you.' I've wanted so badly for so long to be close to
him and having him saying things like that. And now I'm
living my dream..
A couple were arguing (on telly) about her wearing too
much/ not enough make-up. I asked him if he wanted me to
start wearing tons of make up and stuff (as if I would do
it :P) 'No! Because then you wouldn't look like you. This
is what you're supposed to look like. This is perfect!'
I'm wondering if he has memorized this big chliché-
dictionary or something :D 'A thousand things to say to
your girlfriend to make her feel special'
He swears he makes them up himself :D
He says my skin is so soft.. I was like it's just the way
girl-skin is. He said he has held hands with other girls,
but their skin isn't as smooth as mine. 'Is there NOTHING
negative about you? everything about you is just.. so great'
Ok, I know.. This is getting very sloppy.. But can you
blame me?

Life is good ;)

Thank you Angel, as you can see I'm very happy for me as
well :D

Why aren't you guys updating your diaries?

I've got an other final tomorrow.. IN PHYSICS!!!! *cries*
I got 2 on the last physics test.. 2!!!
I've never gotten a 2 before! This is an all-time low.. :/
Oh well, you don't fail when you get a 2, and I'll get at
least 3 in physics.. I got 5 on this teory-thing about the
universe.. that's at least a bit interessting! If I do ok
tomorrow, I'll get a 4 and that is good! Physics is so DAMN
hard! :(
I'm doing well in other subjects, tho.. 5 on both the
norwegian language-test and the one in religion.. So I'm
not hitting rock bottom :D

I'm off to study some physics.. I think:)

Bye-bye :)

I can't think of a single thing
Other than what a beautiful state I'm in
Is the world still spinning around
I don't feel like coming down

Go Kylie! ;D