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2002-04-24 17:27:59 (UTC)

Purfume and cussing

Okay, i bought very expensive purfume...
i like it, it's my favorite. I'm taking it back today.. i
am so selfish.. My Mom got a little peeved with me buying
it.. she says it is foolish..i had reasons to get it.. i
thought i could actually buy something tight for ME and it
be all kool but i AM selfish.. i hate it when i buy things
for myself. Anywayz,i'm taking it back and am getting
another kind that i really really like..and so does Wayne..
and that's kool.. so yeah. I hope they take it back.I have
the receipt and i just got it yesterday.. i DID open it
ofcourse.. i wonder... Lord be Lord..
Today has already been trying.. but greater is the Lord.
Wayne is gone for contest and i won't see him until
Sunday!!!!! I am excruciatingly *SP!?* sad.. especially
because i know this is pre-college.. i won't see him for
just one week... i won't see him for weekSA! God is in
Last night i cussed.. well..i said a bad word.. i didn't
really do it FOR REALZ.. i thought about saying it awhielz
before i actually did.. i mainly did it to see what Emily
and Wayne would do... i feel bad now! YOu just gott a
ynderstand, and most of you do.. this is not like me in
the least bit. OH, and ANDREW really is getting to where i
could crush his -you-know-what- any second.. ah, I'm
praying for strength.. MAJOR STRENGTH... I know Wayne would
beat him up.. and that's sad to me.. would hurt me so
badly.. even though i want him to..!!!!Ha!!!!. Anywayz..
you know.
A little news * there is sooo much *!:
Joey likes me.
My hair is bad.
Tabitha is still here:)!
I want a Linkin Park cd, but i can't stand to buy it. Every
time igo to do it.. i just put it back. I've even made it
half way to the counter.. but no...
My graduation reception here is May 5th! The one at my old
home place is like the 18th of May or so. I can't rem.!
I am for sure going to CFNI soon.. probably after i get my
I am ordering a dance video... can we say, hilarious!? lol
(me.. dancing.. LOL!)
Resa and Kelly are going to the MIDDLE SCHOOL (!!!!!!!!)
today to talk to them about how they should not be teaching
homosexuality is okay.. they're teaching it's okay to
prevent teen pregnancy!? WHAT HAVE WE BECOME! LORD, please
forgive us...
God is soo holy.
Well, we're about to go eat at Benny Vinny's (Bien
Venidos').. better go finish getting ready.
You guys email me.. and i'll get back to ya soon:)!

FIGHT THE devil..



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