Sporty Tomboy

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2002-04-24 16:54:00 (UTC)

ohhh ahhhh sweet mistifistation

I have no clue. Do not ask. I will not know the answer.
ANYWAYS... I have been dazed today and me thinks i scared a
lot of people by acting like a stoner, oh well. i am a
crazy insane lunatic chica anyways :) its fun to be one. of
who i am. you should try it sometime. well another day when
i have nada to do in computer class cuz everybody is still
typing these reports and i am done with all of it and the
extra credits. it sucks to type fast sometimes. ha. i miss
my times watching the undressed show in the summer, that
was very fun indeed then i would go online and "discuss"
the events with my bestest friend ever. i love you chica,
you know who you is. :) hehe. i wanted to see a movie
yesterday.. didn't matter what it was, just anything. but i
couldn't and i was sad. the movies on tuesdays are only 4
bucks instead of 6, which is pretty kewl. 2 dollars saving?
woohoo! why am i so enthusiastic? i dont really know. its
probably because i do not have a job. i remember the time
me sean and ashley went to the movies and we didnt have
money so we returned all the bottles in her car trunk and
ended up getting like $12 for it and we were happy cuz we
went to the movies. it was awesome. we have no idea what to
do without money.. cuz our town is small and boring and
usually we just sit around wondering what to do. haha. naw
i just playing everyone, its actually very fun to be in
this life here. we get chased by the most random and
awesome people. its pretty funny. haha me chris and sean
getting chased by drug dealers, cuz we were not the ones
they were "meeting" in this park, and... we saw them with a
box of cocaine and they brought back their possy and
driving around the park looking for us. haha that was sooo
funny i have to laugh my ass off now at the thought of it.
hmmm well theres the most random interesting things that
happen to us muchly i tell you. i think its funny that all
the weird things must happen to us of all people. i guess
its cuz were tough and we can handle it?? ummm... yeah.
today in gym we played kickball and nobody cared. an all
girls gym class of preppy people... hmmm... no effort
involved. just a bunch of standing around doing a whole
lotta nothing. lol i found it quite amusing to watch. plus,
me being tired myself all day, i just liked to sit there on
the floor and sometimes put my hand up, acting like i was
putting forth SOME effort, but no. i joined in with the
sweet laziness and i must say i enjoyed myself cuz i am a
very lazy girl. :) so deal with it. fuck off, im irish.
yeah.. sorry im known to have frequent sudden outbursts.
Might i say that school sucks my booty? i want to go to
college where i dont have to follow rules except college
ones which arent bad. i just want to be more independent
then i am now cuz i cant sneak out of my house at 3 in the
morning, my parents caught me.. they never ground me so it
didnt matter. they love me and trust me and they have
reason to cuz i am a good girl dont you all agree. well im
doing good in school and still being a virgin, so they have
reason to be happy parents right? i dunno, thats what they
should expect cuz theyre very conservative. oh yeah and
they can openly discuss anything with me now im glad.
thanks sean for bringing up "THE BOOK" and "THE SHOWER"
when you were eating dinner at my house. lol my sister and
her boyfriend found it all quite funny.. well im glad i got
that outta my head cuz it has been bothering me for awhile.
and anybody whos reading this, ask me in person to tell you
this really funny story my sis told me about when she was
little and about my parents! LOL its funny. so just tell me
if you want to hear it cuz i dont feel like typing it out
in here. its too longlike but easy to explain in person. or
the phone. whatever.. but police listen in to phone calls
sometimes......... yeah well im a dork. you have no idea how
much ive been thinking about you. i love you so much and im
never gunna let you go *huggles* when i visit you i dont
think im gunna wanna leave but oh well its okie cuz your
the one i want to spend the rest of my life with you, my
purrfect dream angel. your everything a girl could ever
want in a guy. i dunno why you would ever pick me of
everyone, but thank you, i love you so much! well must say
that now after saying that i have an urge to run around in
the rain now. i dont know why but it sucks for me that
there is no rain :( oh well i have to go the bells gunna
ring soon. love you all to my people but to my boy: im in
love with you sweetie always.

***Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeeeee

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