Meshed Up
2002-04-24 13:55:49 (UTC)


i see my ugliness reflected in the eyes of the people i
meet. i have never seen such an ugly person in my life.

people's chitchatter sound like noise to my ears. i have
nothing to say. i have nothing to say unless you wanna hear
another sob story which i myself don't even wanna hear
about. yes. you're right. i'm boring.

i feel like crap. life is surreal. life is depressing.

life sucks. sucks ass. sucks much ass.

i will die for you. i know you're there. but i can't feel
you. i can't feel the peace that you promised.

i wonder where my dreams go when the world gets in my way.
i need to pick myself up. the voice is gaining control over

fuck this world. i don't have to take this shit.