Fitz's Suga

Replying to Adam
Ad 0:
2002-04-24 10:20:24 (UTC)

hey adamy, i think rach is a..

hey adamy, i think rach is a little upset because you guys
never chat anymore. And what's the deal with holding things
back from me? i'm your lil sis, remember? and i used to
have depression problems too, don't forget that i know what
you're going through and that you can't escape it either
through medication or changing some things. (but if you
don't wanna talk about it, it's fine, it just helps
sometimes to get it out though) anyway, i heard wes talking
all about that math competition and when i tried getting
ahold of him last night i wasn't able to because he was
there. i know you're held up by high expectations, but let
me tell ya-you're not the only one. see last night i ran
varsity track for the 400m, jv for 100 and 200 (because
there's so many people and i haven't bumped anyone's time
out yet-i'll explain later if you have ?s) anyhow i was
expected to do really well, but instead i gave oh say 50%
instead 110% of my effort because my shin splint was
dragging me down and i came in 3 seconds later than my PR
which made me mad, and even though everyone said i did a
great job, i still felt like i could have done better, ya
know? it's frusterating because you know that's there's
gonna be disappointment no matter what, and yea, it sucks!
but it's alright because i got a giant bag of candy and
crashed on the couch iceing my leg all evening. it was
loads of fun watching the osborns and real world for 3
hours, let me assure you of that, i was also sick yesterday
too, and got over 12 hours of sleep, but i'll write more
about that later, etc. this evening because i need to
update some more on my other journal and i have more to
update you on! =)
love ya hun,

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