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2000-12-22 13:33:54 (UTC)

Hey This is the first day of..

This is the first day of writin in the diary, but I am sure
everyone will get 2 know alot about me and what I do. Also
in this diary I will mention 1 place alot, Challabourgh or
Cbay as it is known. So this is the last day of school so
I wont b able 2 write 4 along time coz I aint got the
internet at home, pants I know!!!
Ok I dont really know what 2 say coz not alot is happening
at the moment. Well last night it was the 6th form social
4 my school that was a good laugh seeing everybody was
absolutely pissed. Including me of cause!!!.
At the moment I do not have a boyfriend but really want one
coz it is depressing me loads, due to the fact that all my
friends have one
Well I wish everyone a very happy christmas and a great new
year and dont forget enjoy it I will write when I come back
to school on the 8th january or there about c ya

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