It smells like poop over here
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2002-04-24 04:32:54 (UTC)

don't fuck with the others, we're all sisters and we're all brothers

i don't really listen to the drop kick murphy's that much,
but their lyrics sounds like their fuckin hippies. tree
huggers...kj, my brother is a total hippie. i have a shit
load of work to do before finals next week. i have about 15
math assignments to do, watch like...5 or 6 movies and
write a couple essays here and there. I'm not gonna get
much sleep until next thursday. i'll probably have to work
sunday, which is a day i could really really use off, to do
a bunch of work. eh, i fucked myself in the ass before, and
it looks like i just did it again. dammit.
i got trish stratus' autograph today, she was signing at
the 7-11 on warren. it was kinda shady, no WWF people were
there, just her in a white tent signing shit.
actually, "the best rap, hip-hop and r&b station" was there
too, WJLB, but who cares. course they could have been the
ones to bring her in for promotion or some shit. i don't
know why they'd do it in the middle of the ghetto on warren
at some random 7-11. oh well, i've got a pic of me with one
of the hottest girls in the WWF, so i could care less
really. i bought chris & rich tarjeff's trampoline too,
$40. but there's a hole in it. i talked with chris for a
while, we might hang out soon or something. went up to
kroger to say hi to 6iulia, she ended up coming over for
dinner, and to watch the maltese falcon. i had to watch it
for film class. it was ok. im never impressed with what
others think is so great; books, movies or otherwise.
i think everything is ok between us again, im not sure
though. id still like to ditch out on life for a week, or
just hang out with people i never see anymore, like joe h
and vanessa. we haven't chilled since i was with hodgman.
bitch that she is made me lose friends. well, it was my own
choice, i guess i fucked myself there too. they say
"shit happens", but it's mostly you who causes it to happen
to yourself. a word of advice, look at yourself before you
look at others. i shouldn't talk when i can't talk the
advice that i give. do as i say not as i do. bullshit.