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2002-04-24 04:11:05 (UTC)

Lessons from the Islands

Billy Saecheo (from Thailand) sends me his lessons hes
learned for the week. And these are mine. I was at Mark
and Brees house the other day watchin a movie and the sorts
with the island crew. When my 'boyfriend' Dave, whom is
married and so art I, just simply touched my knee. I wasnt
upset it was just the awkward monster that beats me up
everytime we are around eachother. So I got up and left.
I think everyone was like whats wrong with her...but I
didnt care. And I go home to cry or whatever, read my real
diary, and Dave calls. He left right after me and wanted
to know what he did to upset me. I couldnt explain on the
phone so i had to go see him. And it was awkward. But I was
like, why dont you have pictures of your wife in your room?
I dont even like my spoude and I still have pictures. He
told me he hid them a while ago when he used to throw
parties. He didnt want people to think he was married,
even though he loves his family very much. So I
understand ya know but then I was like, "Dave Im not the
real thing. Your wife and your daughter are real to you,
Im just going to fade away one day" He told me about how
he met Angie and when he knew he couldnt live without her.
And I cried because it was so beautiful and I couldnt
believe he didnt want his wife enough to not be with me.
He met her at work and she never gave himt he time of day
for 2 years and finally he gave up and went out with some
other girl. And Angie was like "hey dave wanna go out
sometime" And they did and they decided to have a baby
and they recently got married in november 2001. Then he
came to Japan pretended to mess with girls and Im the one
who broke him. We talked about Brandon and how I cant let
anyone use me even him ever again. And now we are paris.
Hell ya.....but Dave is still cute!!