Thoughts to Share
2002-04-24 03:59:25 (UTC)

No tengo las clases hoy.

Today I woke up at the leisurly time of 8:30 or so. That's
not sleeping in by any means, but I was thoroughly
excited. Mer and I went to brkfst-for the coffee of
course. ;-) Then to run by satan's office to see if she
could return the exams since she was a moron the day
before. Anyways, a big 69.5 on the last exam. That's much
better than the 1 before....just enough to not bring my
grade up, but not take it down either.
Got our year books today, which was exciting. It's funny
b/c most normal universities don't really find their
yearbooks all that exciting...like most of my friends at
other schools don't even get them. We sat out in the sun
looking at them for a while, that was fun.
I got most of my paper written this afternoon and actually
before 10:00 tonight. That was a change. I'm not sure how
well it is written, but I guess it will do.
Last day of class tomorrow. Perhaps a visit to
starbucks :-) AND a baseball game? Wow... ha.

Thank goodness for my best friend giving me stalking advice
such as this:

Kat5831: I was hoping you'd bring me to a conclusion, I was
getting lost on my own :-P
BethMitchell8166: yeah- you just gotta be patient
Kat5831: sorry :-P
BethMitchell8166: if these things were easy then everybody
could do it:-P
Kat5831: haha
Kat5831: I mean...stalking, you gotta just wait it out
Kat5831: play the game

My roommate: "Not that I don't think he has boy parts."