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2002-04-24 03:15:52 (UTC)

1 Fucked ^ month

damn my life fuckin sucks. worst fuckin month of my life
(besides oct. 2000). some much shit has went down. here's
the dealy-o:

1) a few weeks ago i was layin in bed with my best friend
and we was talkin. up until that point in time every
morning when i woke up i hoped to see mommy standing beside
my bed sayin that she was still here and that it was all
just a big joke and i finalt realized that she is actually
gone...never to be seen or heard from again.

2) blair is fuckin around and messin shit up for my cecily.
she is to God damn young to have all this stress and
pressure laid down on here at one time. don't no one do my
girl like that. let me tell you the next time i see that
fuckin ***************** ima kill his fuckin ass.

3) my man just left me. somethin about he don't wanna hurt
me...if he don't think this is hurtin me he gots another
thing comein. he always said just to hang in there and he'd
eventually get me away from here. well i was willin to wait
for him but now i guess i'll just have to get away from all
this on my own. promises aint worth shit no more.

4) family hates me...that goes way back

5) gettin in so much fuckin trouble lately...locked up
friday (curfew, gun, beer,). just got suspended. skippin

6) got to go to counseling next tuesday.

could go no forever but aint got no time.

Baby Shell

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