Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2002-04-24 03:03:58 (UTC)

How does a car sound?

Well today it sounded like someone knocking on my screen
door. Yes, yes, you got it right, Matt got his car on the
road. He came over to my house twice, both times without
calling in advance, so, the first time esspecially, it was
a complete shocker. I was all like "ohh my God.... Ahhh!"
and then pummled him by jumping out the door, somehow
closeing it behind me, and leaping on top of him....
practically. Then we hung outside...both times. It was so
great that I got to see him... YAY!! We also talked on the
phone a bit, he thinks he may come to school tomorrow, I
keep telling him he has to come in for 5th period, to meet
my freshmen, and all. He is going to bring his little
sister Megan to school, middle school, and then he may stop
up at the high school. Happy happy happy, but I mean, its
obvious that he isnt going to just come to see me, he will
see all of his other old friends. :) He is also coming
Thursday to wish me good luck and say good bye to me, for
the band trip.

Speaking of the band trip, its nearing, 2 more days, not
eve, this time thursday I will be on the bus, talking,
listening to music, writting, drawing, and having fun. I am
starting to get the timpani part down.... I am so happy,
and Chorus sounds great, and the focus is improving so
much. But I will only really gloat about the Band because
of me being the section leader of the percussion section,
and all. We are all working together so well, and we are
practically solid on everything. I mean, dont get me wrong,
there are still problems amungst us, but its good, because
if we were all happy all the time, I would stab myself in
the eye.

Well time to go to bed... Good Night World!!

Vicki E.M.

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