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2002-04-24 03:00:36 (UTC)

A Fine Woman

A woman that is couragous,
intimate, loving, caring and persuasive,
is a woman contagious
and less that evasive.

Free spirited and able
to diminish anger inside me,
like it was strapped down by cable
and the feeling of being free.

Like a natural Prozac
that soothes my pain and fears,
she and I could keep eachother on track
without revealing tears.

No other woman
can ever come close to her
in beauty and love that is grand
for that I am sure.

One of a kind
that beats the rest of the cards,
hopefully one day she'll again be mine
as without her it is hard.

Generous, curious and eager to please,
she's one that'll go beyond your expectations
with her lovingly tease
that sets your mind at ease in meditation.