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2002-04-24 02:59:35 (UTC)

A Life Without Love

A Sunset without a sun is no sunset at all.
A life without love is no life at all.
A rainbow without colors is no rainbow at all.
And a heart without feelings, is no person at all.

All these things need something to be,
Either a sun or a crayon
If only to create what nature intended it to be.

A sunset makes us feel as though the world has been born
A life with love lets us know its worth to let someone in,
And a rainbow with colors, well that's a moment frozen in
To be captured on canvas to remember it's glory and shine.
A heart that has feelings, well that would be me,
For I love the thought of you and hope you feel the same
for me.

Life without our love is an emptyness,
I'm not sure I want to face.
Because I know I'll never see you again and that time will
never erase.
I wish our love was as simple as a sunset, ready to be born
But I know in my heart it will take you to start over again.

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