the magenta files
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2002-04-24 02:50:21 (UTC)

tasted blood and i wanted more more more more.(Rocky)

right now i am listening to my VHS of The Rocky Horror
Picture Show, playing in my living room. it is probably
only around the 58th or 68th time i've seen it(i suppose
that's alright for only knowing it a year and some),i'm not
sure. With disapproval from small minded goody-goodies, i
love it all,(without any intention of using my love for it
to"be cool"),it's just who i am.I wonder if it was(who i
am) before i saw it. Let me tell you, my dears, about the
first time i ever saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I had
heard it just mentioned between my big bro and my mom when
i was young, but my mother would just merely say"it's
bazzare" and leave it at that,without even the slightest
hint as to what it was that i would come to indentify
myself with years later. well,i won't say when or under
what circumstances, but, one night, we rented Rocky. i sat
in my darkened living room and i heard a few notes of
music, and a pair of blood red lips-just like the ones i
dreamed of,dreamed of creating on myself (i had been
intermittently wearing, without permission, red lipstick
since probably age five)- appeared on thescreen. From that
first line,"Michael Rennie was ill..", i was hyponotized, i
don't exaggerate. i could sense this was something,
something Important. whether considered valuable to others
or not,i knew this was going to be something important in
my life, whether me, or anyone else liked it or not. then
something happened. A new scene appeared. A midwest church
and the cheesy wholesome early 70s look was soon abundant
onscreen and i feared that what had started as a hypnotic
and inticing pair of lips from my dreams was to turn into a
nightmare of,well,wholesomeness. I just watched,wordlessly,
to see what would be come of the strange and mystical
spectacle unfolding before me. Then Barry Bostwick, an
actor i was unfamilar with, broke into song. "what?...what
is happening? this some tripped out
Oklahoma?...huh?...wait! is that...susan sarandon!? She was
in this? but, still, what is it?!"- all in my head of
course,i didn't dare speak. and what of this "chorus" of
sorts, echoing "Janet"? A little later a narrator appears,
and i am somehow slightly relieved. The comic book quality
starting to unfold pacifies my fears of this being
wholesomely cheesy. the dark stormy night
approaches, "good." "There's a Light" comes i
don't know what to think...but then i see it! Oh god. i
see..oh, how to describe seeing that for the first
time..well,let's just say i had to see what was to become
of this thin long haired creature of the night. Brad and
Janet,who i had now become aquainted with, knock on the
door,and,oh, the beautifully mysterious creature opens the
creaky door and utters the most seductive hello i've ever
heard. oh, my mom could see it now, before i knew it was
happening...that i would be a rocky freak. and someday soon
i would find out that she had been. The scene continues and
the characters i hoped wouldn't dominate the movie in their
own way, entered the world of this beautifully sinister-
looking thing i had become infatuated with over the 45
seconds since he had first appeared on screen. Within the
next few minutes i would be introduced to my alter-
ego "domestic" Magenta, and would come to hear my beloved,
who i now knew to be Riff-Raff, sing of this "Time Warp"
that i had heard once long ago, i knew not where. oh, i was
not even blinking now. Brad utters words of the Madison,
that embarrass even me, and then i hear something. "what is
that?" oh, God, yes. The six inch glittery platform heels
lightly stomping up and down; i knew could only belong to
to a most unconventional character; a transvestite. i just
watched. All in silence.Tim Curry, that costume, that
voice, that walk! My mother near me, humming and even
soflty singing most of the words. "why and how does she
know those glorious words?" (haha. she tried to fast
forward the killing of Eddie,but we made her rewind it.) i
just watched. i wouldn't stop it until the screen filled
with static after the credits. Then, for the first time
since Dammit Janet, i got up. I moved over to the VCR and
hit rewind. then, i hit play. the only rental guy in town
who stocked Rocky began to know me as the Rocky Girl-
getting out the movie the moment i walked in the store. and
i guess here i am allowed to say the rest is history.

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Providing developers and businesses with a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage ( Spaces), and more.