OhBaby It Is Me

2002-04-24 01:46:38 (UTC)

Made My Day So Bright

Avman818: hello again
RobertLover411: Hi
Avman818: how you doing?
RobertLover411: I think I'm sick
Avman818: i know you did have a bit of a fever
RobertLover411: i went to bed right after you left
RobertLover411: wink wink
Avman818: i see hehe
Avman818: came to bed with me
RobertLover411: aww no
Avman818: i know :-( was just messin
Avman818: you wanna know somethin
RobertLover411: what
Avman818: i like spending time with you just kicking myself
that i have not in the past :-[
RobertLover411: i'm sorry
Avman818: why are you sorry?
RobertLover411: i donno
Avman818: its not your fault its my stupidity
RobertLover411: oh ok
Avman818: yup
Avman818: too bad ya have a bf
RobertLover411: Yes, yes I do
RobertLover411: and he loves me so much
Avman818: i know
RobertLover411: I have paste fingers!!
Avman818: i see hehe
Avman818: im sorry to you
RobertLover411: you should be
RobertLover411: I've cryed myself to sleep countless nights
b/c of you
Avman818: are you serious ang??? i feel so bad you know
that i have always cared about you maybe didnt know how to
show it sometimes but i really do
RobertLover411: I've been looking up to you ever since
I've met you
RobertLover411: and some of the things you did broke my
Avman818: i understand im really sorry angela you really
wanna know something
RobertLover411: sure
Avman818: many a day i sat and wished that i had you and
that i wasnt with libby that it was you that i was hugging
but i guess now it is a mood point
RobertLover411: I looked up to you soo much but there was
that one day, the day that Libby told me to stay away from
you, that's the day that it all changed
RobertLover411: I didn't look up to you anymore
RobertLover411: I didn't know who to look up to
RobertLover411: I never thought that someone that I put so
much faith in could do anything like that to me
Avman818: i know i messed up i do believe i had said
something to her about it in private i should have right
then and there i was not thinking clearly
RobertLover411: I can't talk to you right now
Avman818: i was really not myself in HS i have messed up
alot of things in my lifetime by my actions and by not
taking action when i should have and i have hurt the one
person who really liked me and i am sorry angela i
understand if you never want to talk to me again just so
you know i always cared for you i always missed you and
loved you you are a great girl i am relaly sorry that is
all that i can do right now i hope that i can try to make
it up to you now here in the future
RobertLover411: I shouldn't have said anything
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