No Matter How Hard I Try...
2001-05-30 02:54:02 (UTC)

Stuff all day long

oh my gosh! this is so sad! man, this is just me but if i
was you, i would go out there, get a boyfriend, and see how
he feels about it. of course, this boyfriend would have to
be someone i like though. i can't take what you are taking
in right now. it's just too sad. why can't you just find
someone different? why can't you just find someone else
who can love you the way you love him back? it's just that
Nick is hurting you so bad but you keep letting him. would
you please do me a favor and don't let him do so? don't
let him kiss you...even if he breaks up with his girlfriend
the next time. let him be sure of what he wants first
before you jump in & stir up the confusion. i don't know
what to tell you. just have a little more POWER.

great advice, but who is this from? well, today i had a
mime practice for my missions trip to Mexico, I'm going to mexico
june 9-16th. it
should be a blast. well, nothing really happened today. my
parents are getting an divorse and i have to decide to stay
here or move to Texas! ahh! well, let you go now! bye!