mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-04-24 01:30:35 (UTC)

Death...WHY ????

today was not good day....1st I had to go for a CT scan of
my head for the headaches that i have been havin & i had
another today as well.... then Lisa & I went to Amherst to
drop off my info for the backround check, while waiting
for me, she calls home to check messages, and finds out
that her cousins 7 month old son died last night of SIDS.
I get to work & find out that a retired ff & his wife were
killed yesterday in an automobile accident in Fla.
Why does Death have to permeiate life like this ?
Especially with taking an innocent baby... I never met the
baby or his mom , i did meet his other aunt she is nice ,
and baby had a 5 yo brother too.... how do you explain to a
5yo that his lil baby brother has died ???? Funeral will be
Thurs, not sure if we will be going as we also have a
school meeting to got to, it will be close time wise. we
will be goin to the house tommorow for visit w/family, not
sure what to say , this will be real hard. I have been
round death plenty, but have never ever had to deal with
the death of a baby. It was always someone my age or
older... Babies are not supposed to die, they are sweet ,
they are innocent, so why did thhis happen ????? I have no
idea... Please pray for the baby, and his family, and pray
for me as well, that i may do and say the right thing...