Alli's Journal
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2002-04-24 00:47:30 (UTC)

Just thinking....

Hello!!!!! Well only a few more days till my Sweet 16.
Then life won't be so hectic anymore!!! I FINALLY finished
my speeches for the candle lighting, yay. Hopefully Becca
will still come to my sweet 16 even though Eric isn't
coming :( Today's Eric's bday though, Happy Bday Eric!!!!
Him and his 2 brothers!! I was going through old notebooks
from JHS tonight while listening to Hedwig, 'memories...'
I mentioned this in one of my last posts, but finally Brian
emailed me back! He was away for a few days because of an
emergency, but he's back now and doing a reading of a
play :) For those of you who don't know, he's one of my
favee waiters at Ellen's {Stardust Diner}. He's
awwwwwesome and wants to be on Broadway someday! (like
mee!!) I found a 'Darryl-Head' well actually, she found
me, but I'm still very eeexcited!!!! The Challenge last
night was FREAKYYYY!!!! Kelly was very courageous in just
getting off to get a drink 'well i had to go over and make
my pina collada.' And Mike was SCARY! Talking to himself
and whatnot.... Oh well. Well, I guess that's all for
now.... Go watch RW 11 tonight!!! @ 10!!!! TTYL!