life's a bitch..it just had puppies
2001-05-30 02:27:33 (UTC)

i am being used :(

ok so one of my so-called friends andrea came to me one day
asking if "I" would be her friend and let "her" hang out
with "my" friends. so i was like whatever come with us
after school. and so she did and she started out as a loser
that never said anything and never did anything. but i got
her into things and got her interested so she started
hanging out with us more often. then we became pretty good
friends. so yea i thought it was gonna go good for a while
cuz we never ever fought, but then i realize good friends
HAVE to fight, youll never get to know eachother, so she
gets all stuck up, and acting like shes a hot shot when
shes not, and sucks up to everyone and treats me like shes
pissed off at the world so you know what i say to all of
that...F her.
~an upset christy~