2001-05-30 02:23:55 (UTC)

3 more days...

3 more days till school's out that is! i'm kinda excited,
kinda sad. you know how that goes. we have finals on
thursday and friday. i hate finals on the last day of
school! we never had those in middle school. well i've had
a fun freshman year. i can't wait to be a sophomore though!
i'm gonna miss everybody, i'll take lots of pictures to
remember everybody! Ü it's only the summer and i'll
probably see my friends over the summer, but it's not the
well the whole situation with tony is kind of going okay. i
didn't see him all weekend, so that got my mind off of him.
but then i get back to school and see his eyes. i love his
eyes, their so big and brown. it's hard to think that all
of our dreams won't come true. ya know? some of them aren't
realistic but you always have that little bit of hope. it's
alright i'll get through it! Everybody have a good week!