little mind farts...
2002-04-24 00:29:31 (UTC)

those specky little stains! :0)

i am single again. I have been for a while actually.
juan and i are still friends though. maybe that's most
now is one of those moments where everything becomes
sensitive, damn pms! lol i did meet someone. his name is
perfection. :0) he's sweet and tender. he's beautiful and
oh so intelligent. i have yet to see any flaws. we are in
the process of figuring out where we stand romantically. he
has so much on his plate right now and i understand that.
relationships are inevitable stress with all the beauty
combined, so i don't want more stress on him than what he
already has. whatever his decision will be, will be okay
with me. if he wants to be friends until time permits us to
be more or the opposite...if he wants a relationship, i
will be happy either way. i would rather have him as a
friend than nothing. :0) he's such a great guy!

michelle :0)

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