Good morning, penguins!
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2002-04-24 00:01:00 (UTC)

Finished the Odyssey

Finished the Odyssey. If you don't want to know the
ending, stop reading now. If you haven't read any of it,
you won't understand. Stop reading now. I assume the rest
of you have already read it, but I'll explain it anyway.
Odysseus sets up a contest. The suitors have to string his
bow and shoot through 12 axe-heads (axes shaped like a
capital P). None of them can do either. Odysseus does
both, reveals who he is, then kills them all. There are
several mentions of cutting off noses, ears, and, um, parts
of the groin area. I'm sure any males reading this will
need a moment to be shocked and freak out, so take that
time now. Anyway, I forgot what else I was going to say
about this. Speaking of Odysseys, (is that the right
plural?) Why is there an SUV called the Honda Odyssey?
Basically, it's saying that on any trip in this vehicle,
the return trip will take ten years, only one person will
survive, and there will be men trying to marry your wife
when you get back, who you will end up killing. Also, you
will use up about three vehicles on the way. I should have
put the Honda stuff in a separate entry, possibly
titled "Rant and Rave II: stupid car name". I will look at
other stupid car names later. Titles will be the names of
the cars, unless I attach them to other entries, like this
one. I think this is my longest entry so far.

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