Reality Bites
2002-04-23 23:41:51 (UTC)

So damn hot....I LOVE IT!

It's gotta be at least 80 here, which is like orgasmic for
me!! Today was ok. Nothing huge happened at school...After
school we went downtown and saw hot Paul who graduated last
yr. He came and chilled w/ us while we got icecream and
then drove us 2 the bus. I think I like Luke because I
definately dont want to-but I do. He leaned over in science
and is all "Wanna make out?" like 3 times, I just giggled
and looked away-lol. He's adorable. We'll see what happens.
Im so fat right now, Im going to cry. So im gonna go work
out after i do my homework. I need to go start. xoxo~me~