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2002-04-23 23:05:30 (UTC)

men and me

i would like to say that men are the most self-centered
things that have ever been created. *i am not refering to
anyone in particular, i promise* they do things with no
regards to others. i wonder if they even think of how what
they do i going o make somone else feel. like the way that
they phrase things when they talk to you or some of the
things that they do. it might just be me because i have
general bad chices in men but this is just how i feel. how
i feel, this is something that i am being encourged to say
more often. i feel like..... or when you say this i feel
like that. it is not a bad thing. i am also saposto say
things like i think that and other elementry school
concepts. aparently things like that will work better with
my mother. my mother. omg, that woman makes me so crazy
sometimes. but i love her and i know that she loves me she
just has a funny way of showing it sometimes. love, that is
the hardest thing in the world. but someone once told
me "love does not require you to be perfect only to
forgive" i wonder, can you ever totaly frogive somone once
they have wronged you? hmm...i think that is hard. it is
always going to be somewhere in your mind. but forgiving
and forgetting are two totaly different things. i will try
hard to rembember that. i am sorry if this was a lot of
complaning but if no one wants to hear it in person it has
to go somewhere. till next time,

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