my pathetic life
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2002-04-23 22:12:44 (UTC)

field trips

god damnit this past weekend was horrible. i was on a band
trip in gatlinburg tenn. soo soo boring. well first of all
i dont really have any of my group of friends in band so
that was great and the parents that came were such bitch-
asses. by the end of the fourth day i had to hold myself
back from ripping there throats out. im just glad its over.

well this saturday is the last my personal hero (a
charlotte local band) show. im really sad that theyre
breaking up. i like them and there guitarist is really
hott. it always makes me feel really sad when bands break

i no i havent written in a while sorry!

"I choose my company by the beating of their hearts, Not
the swelling of their heads"
-saves the day

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