.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2002-04-23 21:18:13 (UTC)

make a tight fist.

so i really wanna talk to mike, i havent in a bunch of
days, but have been thinkign about him. i guess its out of
my hands. i dont want to chase him down. if he wants to
talk he would call, right? right. i was pretty sad after
this weekend of not seeing him at all, but forget it.

im eating barbacue potato chips. and am in a fairly good
mood. ive started making sam a personal zine. im happy i
have someone to share my love for writing with that
understands it. he told me that some stuff from Look Ahead
was about me. im flattered but it makes me sad. i wish i
understood our freindship.

the soundtrack to this afternoon is so weird.
Majority rule.
then disc changer rotates.
Cat Stevens. (?) good but odd right after maj. rule
rotates again.
Closer i get demo.

( i think i'll listen to east coast is for lovers again )

my eyelids close
to the image of your face
oh how i left my heart
on your front door stop
drove home all alone
wanting to hold you.

anyway, school is going ok, but this week is so fucking
slow. im reading this book called Hard Love about this boy
who writes a zine, and has a crush on this lesbian. its
weird but good, reminds me of sam and alyss (which makes me

i breathe in deep.
feel sad and tired.
its ok, i dont hate you anymore.
im just jealous and hurt.
short words. hard hands. cold hearts.

thats enough of that. HEY! im so ready for quality.

May 3rd.
Broard Street Stages
The Sounds
Mercury Decision
Rescue The Past
Apparatus Engine

Upstairs Legion Acoustic Stage
Ian and Becca
Portraits of Live (plus special female vocalist!)
The Closer i Get

Basmsent legion (r6 production show)
alison ranger
apparatus engine
coheed and cambria
breaking pangaea

Yes, i am a pro. 13 indy rock bands, one town, one night.

hot rod circuit cd just came on.
"im getting on with my life... truth prevails and its
nothing you can hide and i wash my hands of you, getting on
with my life."

yawn. i think i'll work on sam's zine somemore. he says
hes coming to kennett tonight for the talent show, but i
dont want to go. even if it means i wont see freinds, i
just dont want to go. i know it.

so im leaving. bye friends. i dont know about a live
journal, they are so beat, but i want somthing easy and
viewable, but still private, im gonna think about it all.

miss you.