1 day in a life as it dies
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2002-04-23 20:57:12 (UTC)

new dreams

ok to add to the last dreams I wrote in here they all go

I told the wonderful werewolf how I felt one day she daid
nothing I didnt expect her to but it still hurt that night
I called for my father to come and take me to the high
councel, I needed to have "words" with them so he took me
there blind folded as always I walked through the long
hallways and dark rooms full of bodys and the many strong
body guards of the councel I knew most of them by name so I
walked saying hi giving quick guy friend hugs (if you
havent seen it done its pretty much a hand shake and then
with your hands still together you give each other a quick
hug with your hands between you)I also saw the master of
the guard his name is Max its short for a old Roman empire
name but he likes Max better he is very weak minded and
when you talk to him its like talking to a 7 foot tall 6
year old him and me became fast friends when one night
someone tried to make him feed from a body (he hates to do
that so they put some blood in a cup and give it to him) I
stoped the force feeding and calmed him down like most
vampires he either hasnt seen the sun in many many years or
never seen it at all, his room had a sun set painted on the
wall using bright colors it was cute and all but didnt do
the real thing anything, that same night with the body
still in his mind he wouldnt lay down to go to sleep for
the dawn I tried to calm him but it didnt work so I put a
image of a sunset into his mind the colors the warmth
everything I could do I put in his weak childs mind he
calmed down right then and went to sleep with a smile on
his face, so anyway when I saw him he ran up to me and
hugged me picking me up off the ground and throwing me into
the air a little like a baby one time I surprised him by
staying up we both got a good laugh out of that. He asked
me why I was there in his hard guard face trying not to
laugh again (he hadnt seen me in about 2 weeks)I told him I
had some talking to do he smiled flashing a lot of fang and
told me to go on with a pat on my back I walked into the
great hall on the long red carpet I had never seen one that
looked that much like blood. I walked up to the middle of
the half moon of red wood seats like the ones you see the
congress sitting in but there are only 6 seats and they are
about 12 feet high they walked in in their long dark red
almost black robes with hoods hiding their faces (all show)
they sat down and without saying a word to me I started
they had told me before that the fight that was to be to
the death was off I told them it wasntI told them that I
wouldnt join them nor would I wait until they had thought
of a new way to bring my death to me I told them I would
pick the fighter I picked the head of the councels body
guard he is powerful and him and me hate each other they
accepted and its all back on when I left I knew why I had
done it but I wondered if I could get out of it

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