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2001-05-30 00:13:38 (UTC)

getting by

Well today was a very rainy day....Kind of went with the
mood,haven't heard a word from my hubby ,walked out on the
kids and i over a week ago and now won't even call and let
us know where he is ,hasn't even called to talk to the
kids.Kind of sad when a man cuts off his life and for
what?...Says he doesn't know what he wants,claims there is
no one else....I am getting tired of the uncertanty...I
have decided I will go on,I am going to take damn good care
of these kids and keep myself healthy and happy.
He is going to lose a good thing becuse my feelings are
fading day by day,For a man to cut off ties to his kids is
as bad as cheating to me,unforgivable,,21yrs of love is
starting to fade.
I have lots of friends to talk to and i am joining a
support group,I know I will be ok,I did nothing wrong
except love my husband way to much.I wonder if there will
ever be another man I will trust,I do know I will make
someone a happy man some day.
Well tomorrow is going to be better,and everyday after
that,I can't change my Husbands thoughts or actions ,he is
the one who is going to lose here not me and my kids.We
will survive.
Will return tomorrow to vent a little more.Also have met
a nice guy on icq he is very understanding and he can make
me laugh.thats important,laughter is such a good feeling.

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