Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-04-23 18:26:34 (UTC)

As I lay there falling, I was..

As I lay there falling, I was reminded of a story about a
man who was nailed onto wooden beams with his arms splayed
open, as if exposing his heart for the world to see, to
shoot it full of arrows, to puncture it full of holes, to
rend and tear at it, to grasp a hold of it and bite into it
like a ripe tomato. But it wasn't his heart, you see, but
really our hearts that we were beholding, and any attempt
to pierce into it was only self-inflicting. He gave us
forgiveness for our troubles, by giving our hearts back,
and saying, 'This is cleansed now. May you hold it and
protect it from evil. May you do good in the world with
it. May its only reward be that of forgiveness, and
understanding, and consolation.' I understood him then, as
I crashed downward, headlong and bodily into the vegetation
of the jungle, escaping the man who would be my violent
counterpart, in this world of conflicting thoughts and