cosmic ski slopes
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2001-05-29 23:51:42 (UTC)

Memorial Day

I'm hating myself for writing so little lately... oh well
(I'm thinking the not caring thing is part of my self-
inflicted mis-understodd artist writer thing... u know,
loner, blackness, bleak terrible no hope for anything good
ol' sylvia plath wannabe syndrome.)

I actually had a pretty good weekend, one of those where
things actually seem okay for a while. Saturday the 25th
was regionals, but u know that; sunday was sleep, until
dinner with Sara and her brother Brad. We went to PIzz Hut
in Dover and I slept over there after a particularly bad
argument with Mom over the pay-phone. We spent the night
watching Little Nicky with Brad and chatting with friends
online... btw, my AIM name is dizz2002 if u ever wanna
talk. I'm pretty much always online... no life u know? And
s owhen we were online, Nick got on and we convinced him to
meet us at the parade for 8 am.

So monday I got to see Nick :)
But the parade was cancelled, so we came to my house and
watched movies. UGH! It's JUST NOT RIGHT! I swear!!!
Ok, let me explain...

...I want him so bad I think I'm gonna go MORE insane then
I all ready am! U HAVE NO IDEA. I'm talking just-want-to-be-
whole-world type thing... I want him to be here 24/7 and
when he's here I never want him to leave and I just wanna
be able to lay down and have him hold me always. When he
kisses me it's like there's nothing else, not in all of
existance, there's no such thing as existance when we're

I g2g... I'm ging nuts thinking abou tbeing nuts, plus mom
is home... it's been tense lately.