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2002-04-23 17:58:30 (UTC)

facade peter daniels ..

facade peter daniels

this project has evolved a lot since it was assigned at mid
semester. it began as a space which contained a dining room
table and set of chairs. the audience was invited to either
destroy or repair the objects in the space. this idea was
not strong enough conceptually to justify the risks
involved with allowing people to use large scale
destructive tools. having to change my project, i decided
to deal with dirty and clean instead of repair and destroy.
a space was found and the format of three walls surrounding
was kept. i decided to keep the reference to a home life by
using wallpaper. the floor and ceiling were untouched
allowing the barrenness of the existing space to show. the
disheveled land neglected look of the space this project
was installed in echoed in the wallpaper being wrinkled and
not entirely smooth. the audience is invited to mark the
space with materials provided at a podium near the entrance
to the space. the materials are marking instruments which
lend themselves to be used in a more graffiti like manner
rather than an artistic manner. when the installation is
over the drywall will be separated from the wall framing
and the marked surfaces will become the artifacts.

estimated budget $360

preliminary materials 60
lumber 55
drywall 40
hardware 35
misc. materials 135
misc. other 35

estimated time spent 55 hours

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