The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-04-23 17:03:22 (UTC)

One and one is two

Yesterday I had an interview with the intimidatingly-named
Overseers' Committee, which is a program that has the
responsbility of pointing out and plucking up the young
geniuses of U of L and giving them travel opportunities,
money and other nice things. They were impressed with me
enough to call me back for a follow-up today.

This is encouraging. They were a bit dismayed about my "D"
in geology last semester, but I suppose my written essays
were convincing enough. I didn't have the heart to tell
them I just, uh, didn't real feel like studying for the

The Overseers probably would not have appreciated this.

Try as I may, I am just not a great academician. An
enthusiastic learner, yes. A good student, probably. A 4.0
GPA-generating study machine, no.

We shall see if "enthusiastic learner" makes the cut.

Which reminds me of that old Sam Cooke song "What a
Wonderful World." I always thought he was singing "Now I
don't claim to be an A student, but I'm trying to read,"
when in actuality he was singing "but I'm trying to be." I
was always thinking "The guy can't even read? Wow, he's got
some serius work to do."