Sporty Tomboy

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2002-04-23 16:47:26 (UTC)

Im a very happy, happy ybbil gurl

Yes, what can I say except that. Happiness for the Ybbil
gurl. Hmm.. well nothing has really been happening except
more SUCKY SCHOOL, and it hates me and its mutual. and
computers are being stupid and deciding to hate me and be
evil by not working. I want to talk to my man, and i miss you
so so very much, if you are reading this, know that cuz its
true that I miss you more and you cant stop me because im
the one talking here and you cant do anything about it :-P
hahah wow well i think i drank too much strawberry milk
today or drank it too fast, well general warned me, i just
do not listen do i. im sorry.. now i feel like im pregnant
cuz my stomach hurts? if that means anything. lol wow i
really am strange im sitting here talking about nothing...
interesting. ummm what else has happened in my bored life,
well me and sean wanted to see ashley yesterday but she was
sleeping cuz we called and she wasnt there she was being a
lazy girl and i was sad. :( and then i got this huge pizza
with cheeze and those cinna sticks with the white cream
stuff to dip it in it was good. im gunna gain 20 pounds,
its my new goal just cuz i think it would be so funny to
run around screaming IM FAT IM FAT and stuff. yeah...
strange huh. well what else is there to say except i love
all my people in the kewlnessity way *Hoosha words!* and i
especially love my angel :) hes such a cutie!
*giggles* okie well im going *huggles* to everyone i love
and *kisses* to the guy im in love with :)

always and forever... libbalicious licky libby WILL love
you :)

p.s. lol, im a dork!!!