Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-04-23 15:23:04 (UTC)

And for dissert, sir would like...

Well, my next 18 months was tied up today in a morning of,
well, rushed choosing what I want to do as a 3rd year
provided that my 2nd year doesn't screw up too badly, as it
promises to (maybe) do.

My dissertation (especially for those of you who are
Norfolk-based linguists) is as follows.

- The variation of grammatical and syntactic use of words
in the Norfolk dialect taken from a base of Standard
English, paying attention primarily to speech (though
excluding phonetics) and possible stretching to relevant
local historical texts.

So. 12 months down the line I'll hand in 7000 words about

I just want to meet Norfolk people really.

And laugh at them.