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2002-04-23 14:20:26 (UTC)

Never Come A Day

YOu can walk away from me
You can look the other way
but for me to stop loving you
there will never come a day

You can forget all about me
Forget the love we shared
Forget that you ever loved me
Forget that you ever cared

You can throw away my number
Never speak of my name
Forget I ever existed
Because ou don't feel the same

YOu can change the subject
When the topic involves me
You can change directions
And forget every memory

You can throw away the passion
And not care that you let go
Forget when our love was strong
Cause it seems so long ago

You don't love me at all
Atleast thats what you say
Did you really forget that easily
OR will there never come a day?

To Randy