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2002-04-23 08:50:15 (UTC)

Im so scared

Ok, I had sex with josh and he was like im gonna cum inside
you and im like you wouldnt, cuz he's scared of having a
kid, and i didnt think he would and i was taunting him and
he did, im so scared, i washed myself out, i even used
peroxide which burned like hell, then cuz of the pain i
took 4 antatripolines, and yet its 5 am and im still awake,
i got school tomorrow, testing and i dont wanna go...Damn,
im waiting for frisch's to call me back i need a job, im
thinking about either doing alot of overtime there or
getting two jobs, i need a car, i need a license, maybe i
should wait for the two jobs till later when i have my
license, i dont know how though, i dont have a birth
certificate or a original soc sec card and i need them,
damn my mom damn her, she called me last night and was like
i need to break into a filing cabinet, i figure you would
know, it was too funny. Today, i went to school got off the
bus at like 12:15 walked and got to my moms work at about
12:30, got back to my bus stop to go home at about 12:45,
waited an hour in a half, finally got home at a little
after 2, but the door was locked and joyce wouldnt wake up
so i went to chris's house and chilled there till josh got
home. Its nuts all of its nuts, i want a gun, some drugs, i
hate life, mostly because i feel i have no purpose other
than being miserable. Im out. Im gonna go try to sleep.

Mood:terrified, depressed