2002-04-23 07:38:34 (UTC)

25 is 1/2 of 50, but 1/2 of 25....

Ok so turning 25 has made me feel unbearably old. Well, i suppose thats not entirely true... what choice do i have but to bear it? It's not exactly an age that plastic surgery is in order , but still it is 1/2 of 50! (and who the hell even wants to THINK about 50 !?!)
On the other hand , someone 1/2 my age isnt even a teen yet, wich is a fair consolation prize.

I keep trying to see the glass as half full or something i guess, but as absurd as my feeling old at 25 is to others, feeling good about 25 is just about as absurd to me! I'll adjust.... or maybe now is the right time to start lying about my age. lol But to who.... everyone who knows me knows how old i am. i should have started lying at like 10 or something (saying i was 8?) lol If i had, i wouldnt be having this problem now... Ok, all you 10 yr olds out there... start lying about it now, so when you actually need to lie about it it will be beleivable. (hey and maybe you'll even get some "wow your so mature for your age" compliments to boot! lol)

Ok no w seriously, if you are 10 and reading this...STOP! Your mind really shouldnt get so deluded at such a young age. lol

25.... er, um i mean 23 ?!? i'll grow use to it i suppose....

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