Reality Bites
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2002-04-23 05:30:44 (UTC)

What's up I'm back

Hey, it's been like 80 thousand years since I wrote so I'm
not gonna even attempt to summerize the months I missed,
but if it's important--It'll come up sometime. The reason I
havent written in awhile is that the more behind I got the
more I didnt want to write tons about all that had happened
so i wont.

Alyssa and I are shakey. She's into shit that I'm not now
and spends literally every waking moment with Tom. She has
no time for me, but it's cool-I'm over it. I've definately
moved on.

I'm cheerleading now and its a lot of fun. I'm on varsity &
I like everyone on my squad which is good. It doesnt get
really involved until May tho, which is cool.

Mia and I are bestest friends and I'm over there every
weekend-or she's over here. She's dating Rob's brother
which is fun! hehe they're sooo cute!!

Lets see...Guys...ok, well the guy who works @ the coffee
shop we go to everyday after school is cute and we flirt a
lot...he's 19 and cute, and funny and my friends think he
likes me which is good.. he asked me to go on a 'real date'
w/ him (because of a conversation we had about 'real
dates'). He's great. But wow just when I thought that I had
it all figured out I got thrown a curve. I was on this trip
w/ Chorus and I was sitting with my friend Luke who up
until this point was like one of my best friends and that
it. But we got rather...close on the trip shall we say? And
I'm all confused cause he tried to kiss me and i wanted him
to but i wouldnt cause there was all these people around
from our school and it was just wierd....but yeah. We're
still cool, we both know that whatever that was will
definately come up again...and soon, so we're waiting to
see what it is that is going to set it'll
write tomarrow----lator gator-me