Jules Beale

Musings of a Twisted Mind
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2002-04-23 04:34:07 (UTC)


Well, today is my birthday. Basically everyone forgot. I
had a couple good friends who didn't though: Jenn, Cat,
Mom, and Dad. The rest of my family has forgotten. Hell,
even my ever-so-loving boyfriend forgot. He tried to cover
it up though, which made it like ten times worse. So
basically, Happy Birthday to Me.

Okay.. onto my relationship... I don't think that it's
going well. Dave doesn't seem to have much time. AND when
he does have free time he hangs out with the guys. I mean,
can't he take 5 minutes to just give me a call on the
weekend?! This seems to be a one way relationship. I give
and give... he takes. I make plenty of time for him; and
he gives me about 4 hours a week at most. I just wish that
he could understand that I need a bit more attention... not
just sit in front of the tv and watch it. Hell, when I try
to talk to him he just seems to ignore me. Then he
says "Did you say something?". I'm extremely frustrated.

On another note, I got accepted to the Disney College
Program. I am turning it down though, for many reasons I do
not wish to discuss. Anyways, thats it. Later!

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