My Life
2001-05-29 21:07:47 (UTC)

Summer vacation starts.

I had a good day yesterday-it being memorial day-and
everything.I slept til bout 1 ish and sat around and watch
tv.Then we left-and went shopping-and i got myself this
cute lil swimsuit-its bright pink,orange,and yellow plaied
looking-sting top and lil bottoms to match.and i got a cd
single-city hight 'what would you do'...good song.Then
after we went by to my grandfathers grave-since he was in
world war II...and the people had put a flag next to his
tomb stone-well you know duh.THen sat around home basicly
afterwards.And watched nsyncs making of the video-
for 'pop'....poor joey-he got a big ole cut in his leg,from
the stage,and they had to get wade to do the dancing for
joey..and joey got to do the close ups-you know. but the
video looks pretty cool-a club type-hey you know Justin
(and wade) wrote the song? SO cool, anyways today i
didnt do much slept in and was gonna go lay out,but then my
grandmother decided to take my sister out and take her
fishing and plus the sun wasnt looking to hot so i didnt-
and got on the net instead and look for cliques for my site.