Pure Belligerence
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2001-05-29 21:00:16 (UTC)

*Thongs, guy talk, my new found maturity and more*

My friend Roxy was telling me and just about everyone she
had a thong on.... and i told her she was a skank and she
knew i was gonna say it because i call everyone who wears a
thong a skank. I dont nessisarily(dont know how to spell
that word and usually i look up things i dont know how to
spell but im being lazy today) think that... but its fun
calling people skanks. Alicia and Jenna werent here
today... so alicia could skip her class and come with me to
my cafe study when mr t didnt show and then she wasnt im
global studies when mr g wasnt there. WHY??? It was so
boring today without them. I was taking picture of
everyone with my stick film camera..... it was fun. In my
cafe study i was sitting with scott mike and other mike and
oh my god i wanted to scream. Their guy talk was making me
sick. I think they were doing it to annoy me? I didnt
understand half the things they were talking about. Today
i went to my eye doctors appointment and yep my contact
perscription has changed A LOT. Then we went to PETCO and
yet again one of the guys at the register didnt believe it
when i they asked how old i was and told them i was 15.
Its not like they need to ask me..... my mom was there to
pay for everything and all. This time the guy (who was
kinda hot) said.... hmmm, i woulda pegged you for 17 or
18.... when he asked how old i was and i told him. I guess
now i KNOW i look older than i am. How can i use this new
found information.... Im going on vacation in 2 days and
ugh im beginning to think it wont be sooo bad but of course
i cant tell mom this because then i would lose my
complaining rights.