thOughtz of a lOnely heart
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2001-05-29 20:15:42 (UTC)

may 29th --- da da da daamnzz

today was crazy!!.. David called meEe up.. LOL.. d'two
minute man.. LOL... eWwWwwz... he was askin me back outz..
LOL.. what a dork.. i'm single but i'm nOt feelin him,
nameanzz.. all he wants is sexXx [ he's nah even goOd at it
yaOoz ].. andd aLso *news flasH* i was chiLLen wit tek..
`sighz´ we was actually chillenz.. suttin like that. madDd
drama from meEeh.... erRrr!!!... and maDd shiet happened
yaOoz.. weLL nOoOooOoooooooooo bOukinzz nor bLazinzzz..
hahahah.. we just kiSsed =X daaaaaaaaamn... it hurtzz yaOo.. i hate
lOving sumwun that much, knowin ima nah get his lovE... it
suckzzz dikk!!!.. -=*( hahaa that's suttin i havent done in
a while!!! hahaha.. goOd!! that shiet ain't funNnn!! LOL
`;PpPp lemme stop... aiightzzz.. thas aLL... onE.