a little piece of me
2002-04-23 02:24:02 (UTC)

weekend with turtle

ok, so i'm back from my weekend with turtle. i don't even
know where to start. guess i'll start with the drive down
and back. ugh! 16 hours there. 18 back. hehe, had to
stop and take a nap on the way back (lack of sleep during
the weekend caused that :D). anyway, very nice drive. got
to drive through the smokey mountains. so friggin
beautiful. got to my parents house at 5 this morning,
stayed there and slept until noon. missed 2 classes
today. oh well. went to my night class tonight. watched
the color purple (seen it). good movie, better book.

alright, so i'll start with the initial meeting. we met in
the parking lot at a walmart close to him. after something
brett said, i was so sick to my stomach from being
nervous. i just knew turtle was going to be disappointed
in me. he called me on his cell phone as he was entering
the parking lot to ask me where i was parked. lol he had
already seen me and had pulled up beside me. he told me to
look over and i just cracked up. he jumped out of his car
and came around to mine. he opened the door and literally
pulled me out. he threw his arms around me, and we just
stood there for about 15 minutes, hugging. made me cry
(i'm a sap, if you hadn't already noticed). we went in,
cause he wanted to get me some water (said their water
didn't taste very good, and he didn't want me to drink it
lol). got a few other things too hehe. he wouldn't let me
pay for it. wouldn't let me pay for anything the whole
weekend, actually.

anyway, we got back to his place. i was really tired, so
he got the bed ready so i could take a nap (i ended up
driving straight there...didn't meet in tn due to some
complications). ok, so i got into bed, and he said he
would take a nap with me. he'd stayed up all night waiting
for me to call, so he was tired, too. well, we didn't get
to sleep right away :D. about 2 hours later (no, i'm not
kidding!!), we finally got to sleep. slept for a couple
hours, then we were ready for round 2. damn, he's good.
we had sex 4 times the first day. that's like a record, i
swear. pretty much set the pace for the entire
weekend :D. after the second round, we took a shower
together. i'd never done that before (too self-conscious,
but he made me feel ok about everything. so sweet). we
went outside and sat on the porch together for a bit. then
he jumped up and asked me if i wanted to go for a ride. i
said sure...he took off running across the yard. i was
like, what the hell? lol. he came shooting out of his
barn on a little motor scooter thingy his stepdad has (he's
disabled). lol, i climbed on his lap and we cruised around
the yard on it. it was pretty funny. that little puppy
can haul some ass.

i got to play with his doggy, too. at first, he seemed
mean as hell. his bark was enough to make someone piss
their pants. i walked towards him, and he just layed down
on the ground and rolled over lol. he was so cute. after
that, everytime i'd go outside, he'd go nuts until i came
over to pet him. such a big baby. anyway, turtle cooked
me supper that night :) we went out on the porch and ate,
then he pulled me on his lap and we just sat out there and
watched the sky and the stars start to appear. we headed
out to a movie after that. he insisted on paying for that,
too. he's so sweet. usually i won't let anyone, but he
just looked at me and said 'i love you. i'm paying' lol.
worked for me. how could i tell him no? what i saw
of 'the scorpion king' was pretty good lol. missed a few
chunks. eh.

his stepdad was in the hospital (really sick), so his mom
was gone most of the weekend. had the whole house to
ourselves. saturday we went to visit keith in the
hospital. we stayed there a few hours while turtle's mom
was working. turtle just blew me away. keith was really
down and really in bad shape, and turtle would keep him
laughing, and would jump up and help him turn over and get
him stuff when he needed it. he was so good to keith. it
was incredibly sweet. he took me out to lunch, and my car
started making a funny noise. he checked the fluids for me
and bought me some oil and transmission fluid, then checked
everything else. when we got back to the hospital, his mom
was there. we went out into this little garden thingy
(waiting room...so pretty out there). we were making out,
and this little kid ran out there and was mocking us.
then he ran off. we saw him a little later, and he was
like, that was me. i ran off cause i was afraid you were
gonna chase me lol. he was so cute. he was our little
fan. he kept catching us making out. actually, everyone
did. turtle's mom, aunt, keith, friend...pretty bad. so
much fun though hehe.

he cooked me dinner again that night. we ate and watched a
movie together. took a bath together. that was fun. lots
of bubbles. lots of fun ;). sunday went so fast. his mom
was home from the hospital when we woke up. didn't stop
us...she was in the other room..he just locked his door,
and we were really quiet. that was great. so hard to be
quiet, but soooo good. god i'm pitiful. i got to meet his
grandma. she gave me a locked with his pic in it. she was
so nice. his mom found out i love strawberries, and she
bought me some before i left (strawberries are nc's biggest
crop, so they're really cheap down there...so much better
than ours here). i felt bad that they gave me all that
stuff, but they acted just like i was family. they all
know turtle is moving with me. they're really great
people. saying goodbye was tough. he wouldn't let me go.
his mom hugged me and told me to be careful. gave me her
cell number, told me to call and check in, make sure
everything was ok.

a few hours after i was on the road, he called me to see if
i was ok (worried about the noise my car was making). it
was. he told me he wished he had came with me then (i
asked him to earlier). so tempting to turn around and get
him. he started crying, said he missed me so much
already. made me cry (a crying boy kills me...just breaks
my heart). he's definitely the one. i felt so comfortable
with him. he did so many things that moved me (another was
him giving a lady money for some people who's house had
burned down...he didn't even hesitate...reached in and
pulled out some money and gave it to her. didn't even take
what she was selling as the fund raiser). he was so good
to keith, and he was always helping everyone when he got
the chance. always helping me, too. it felt like we had
been together forever, even though it was only a couple
days. god i miss him already.

well, there was so much more, but i've gone on sooo long.
besides, he's on now, so i'm gonna go talk him. best
weekend ever.