~*Jeri's Journal*~
2001-05-29 20:05:42 (UTC)


Well, the past week has been extremely wacky. I
graduated last Friday and it was probably one of the
hardest things I'll ever have to do. I don't really feel that I
was ready to graduate and leave behind all the familiar
things about childhood, but I guess that it was my time
anyhow. I don't think that I'm ready for adulthood. After
all, I still buy toys, crazy straws, and coloring books. I'm
not immature, I'm an idealist. I don't want to face things
in the world, I want to see them the way that a child
does. I like to see the good in everything, or try to at
least. Ok well onto another topic, have any of you seen
Pearl Harbor yet? Oh my incense, it's so good!!! I've
seen it twice, and hopefully I'll see it a few more times
before it leaves the local theaters. I've been there and it
only magnifies the movie. I guess thats about all I have
to say for now, but I'll check back in with you later.