Nick's Journal
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2002-04-23 02:14:18 (UTC)

Nyquil Induced Hysteria

yeah i'm sick and yes i'm on nyquil. it's kicking my
ass. i'm so out of it. i love the minor hallucinations
it gives you. like today i came out of the room and i
SWEAR to god there was someone right next to me (i saw it
out of the corner of my eye) but when i turned there was
no one.
i made my way to my first class in a daze after having
slept more on a weeknight than i have in a long time. it
kind of made me irritable half-way to class and pretty
soon i was asking myself why the asspony in front of me
doesn't pick up his stride. by the time i hit the
drillfield i was a krispy kreme truck that was late for
it's delivery run. it was a video game you see.
i had to make it to my class in negative 5 mins. and had
to avoid the 3,000 lbs. landmonsters after me, hoping to
eat my delcious innards. as usual i went through my first
two classes in my disheveled fashion, hair in disarray and
body smelling like a morgue.
my teachers' speeches slurred through my tattered brain
and finally i was allowed to leave early. i stumbled
across the drill field cursing the sun for being so
bright. i passed by two guinea pigs that were jumping on
trampolines and then past a piggie doing the electric
slide. i kept my head on straight and crashed into my bed
for 1 hour of blissful sleep. german was a
discombobulated mess for me as we watched a video. coming
back and once again crashing into bed was a blessing.
now i'm here, 7 hours have passed and i don't know where
they went. well time for bed.

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