Living In The Dark
2002-04-23 02:08:35 (UTC)


I am at work waiting to see if ballroom dancers will show
up - but I know they won't. If they come at all, they are
always here before I am, and I have been here since 6:30.
No dancers. This means I can do one of two things...

a) Go home and go to bed.
b) Stay here and enjoy peace and quiet.

Either way, I won't be earning any money so we won't argue
that point. The bed would be nice if I could actually get
into it, but the chance of that happening before 9pm is
highly unlikely. I have a few things I could do around here
(not work related), but I was seriously ill last night and
I really should try to recouperate before the graveyard
shift starts again tomorrow.

The office phone just rang. I didn't answer it, but it was
probably our production manager calling to tell me that the
ballroom dance class had been cancelled.


Middle night find me breathing
Deeply keeping insides in from
Outside without much success