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2002-04-23 02:02:39 (UTC)

Encouragement or discouragement???

Well, I am trying to get donations from people so that I
can make it to New York this summer to study and its so far
so good. Though the music department here at this school I
am entirely frustrated with. I asked the head of the music
department and the one of the top teachers and they were
like they couldn't because of their reasons. But that was
so discouraging to me because I feel like they should the
happy for me and yet they aren't. What am I to do? I know
that in the past my grades overall haven't been the
greatest, but when your working all of the time and you
have other things going on in your life, its pretty hard to
get your homework done all of the time. It isn't like I
didn't pass those classes, because I did. I am just tired
of people in that department being discouraging about my
ability as a singer.

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